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Leveraging the Power of SEL As You Prepare to Reopen and Renew Your School Community

CASEL sent the following announcement through their newsletter on 5/18/20:

Social and emotional learning is critical to re-engaging students, supporting adults, rebuilding relationships, and creating a foundation for academic learning, especially in these unprecedented times. 

In response, CASEL released a new brief today, An Initial Guide to Leveraging the Power of SEL as You Prepare to Reopen and Renew Your School Community. School leaders can take action now using this guide to co-create supportive learning environments where all students and adults can enhance their social and emotional competencies, feel a sense of belonging, heal, and thrive.  

The brief includes a four-part guide for school leaders:

  • Take time to build partnerships, deepen understanding, and plan for SEL. By prioritizing SEL and the needs and concerns of all students and families, leaders can navigate the transition ahead and strengthen partnerships for teaching and learning.  
  • Design opportunities for adults to connect, heal, and cultivate their own SEL competencies and capacity. By creating time, space, and working conditions that help adults feel connected, empowered, supported, and valued, school leaders can help cultivate adults’ SEL and overall well-being. 
  • Create emotionally and physically safe, supportive, and engaging learning environments that promote all students' social and emotional development. This situation has elevated the role of leaders in creating conditions that help students practice empathy, create social bonds across distance, and adapt to new learning experiences. 
  • Use data as an opportunity to deepen relationships and continuously improve support for students, families, and staff. This includes collecting and reflecting on data that elevates the perspectives of students and families, identifying and addressing inequities and challenges, and building upon successes.  

States and districts will be critical partners in ensuring schools have the resources, support, and guidance needed to carry out these actions. 

Read the full brief: An Initial Guide to Leveraging the Power of Social Emotional Learning

Coming late June, CASEL and key collaborators are producing an accompanying resource that expands upon this initial guidance to help prioritize SEL during and beyond the pandemic.