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Children learning

The SEL & Mental Health Academy offers participating teams a range of trainings and support:

  • Three day-long institutes1 where participants acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, work together as teams, and network with colleagues
  • Monthly virtual learning events, including peer sharing calls and webinars, on topics such as assessing the SEL and mental health landscape, building a strong foundation for SEL supports, and taking a holistic approach to school-based mental health services
  • 40 hours of individualized support with a dedicated technical assistance provide to help teams develop an MTSS models that is the right match for their school’s unique needs, dynamics, and experiences
  • Access to a curated menu of resources on a range of relevant topics

"Schools aren’t new to this work. Rather than assume a blank slate, the Academy builds on both the individual and collective experiences of our participants."

Shai Fuxman, SEL & MH Academy Co-Director

Some topics teams explore during the Year 1 Institute include:

  • Needs assessment: Teams review various data sources to identify their specific SEL and mental health strengths and gaps​
  • Resource mapping: Teams inventory and assess their schools’ current services, programs, and practices​ to discover what is working and where there are gaps
  • Prioritization: Teams determine where to focus available resources in order to have the greatest impact
  • Team building: Participants consider who needs to be part of the process to ensure collaborative decision-making and effective implementation

Areas of individualized technical assistance teams have received in the past include:

  • Identifying and addressing gaps in current SEL and mentalhealth programs and services across three tiers​
  • Identifying data sources to inform decision-making​
  • Integrating SEL into academic instruction​
  • Integrating an MTSS focused on SEL/MH approach into district-level strategic planning​
  • Developing and implementing student referral system, including selecting mental health screeners
  1. Institutes may be delivered in person or virtually, depending on current COVID-19 related restrictions.